indieCDzone FAQ

Why did Mustang Records set up indieCDzone?
We felt the need to try and help local and independent artists get their material out into the
marketplace and make it available for purchase over the internet. There are similar services 
to indieCDzone overseas, but, there was a real need for this type of service within Australia
to save artists from having to ship their CDs overseas and ultimately receiving  less profit.
Having said that, we are happy for overseas artists to also sign up with indeCDzone.
Why are there No Set up Fees?
Simple. We do not want to charge artists a set up fee and start eating into their profits.
We do have a little bit of work to do to get your CD into our online store but we couldn’t
bring ourselves to charge artists for that. We are happy to provide the service as way of
getting your material into the marketplace and making it available for purchase 
over the internet.
How does Mustang Records sell the CDs?
Mustang Records has a secure online store on its website. Click here to check it out.
We receive and process orders from all over the world and accept payments via PayPal,
credit card, direct bank deposit, money order and cheque. We then post the CDs
via Australia Post.
How can I sign up to indieCDzone?
You can fill out the online form by clicking here, your details are submitted to us over
a secure server, or you can print out a copy of the paper form here and post it to us.
How much can I sell my CD for?
As much as you like, it’s totally up to you. Obviously you have to determine a price that
is  fair for your fans but also fair for you or your group.
How much does Mustang Records make per CD?
We keep $5 (AUD) of the net sale price of every CD sold through our online store after
deduction of the Federal Governments Goods and Services Tax (GST). This amount 
covers our expenses, such as gateway transaction fees, merchant fees, bank fees and
other expenses.
How much do I get for each CD sold?
Well this depends how much you decide to sell your CD for. But to give you an example,
lets say you want to sell your CD for $20, then :
sale price of CD is $20 (AUD) 
less $1.82 GST = net sale price $18.18 (AUD).
less the amount Mustang Records keeps = $5 (AUD).
Therefore you are paid  $13.18 (AUD) per CD.
How many  CDs do I send to you and can you pay for the shipping?
We ask that you send 5 CDs to us initially. Please do not send anymore than that, 
as we will have to send them back to you. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for you to
ship the CDs to us. If you are sending the CDs from within Australia the shipping
won’t cost you too much. It would definitely be cheaper than sending them overseas!
What happens after I send the CDs to you?
We add your CD to our website’s online store where your fans can buy your CD.
We will also design a page on our website that will have pictures of you (you will
need to send us a couple of good quality photos), your biography and some audio
snippets of your recordings. As soon as your CD starts selling, you start getting paid.
How often do I get paid?
Payments are made once a week, generally on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Where 
we have received a payment via cheque for your CD, payment will not be made to you
until the cheque is cleared.
How do I know how many CDs I have sold?
Statements will be sent out once a month, within 14 days of the end of the month, 
identifying how many CDs you have sold.
What if my CD does not sell many copies?
Don’t worry. We are happy to keep selling you CD for as long as you want us too.
It does not matter if you sell 5 copies or 1000 copies we will keep it in our online store
until otherwise instructed by you.
Is this a record deal?
No signing up with indieCDzone does not constitute a record contract with Mustang
Records. Nor does it constitute a distribution deal. We are simply offering local and
independent artists an outlet to sell their material over the internet. But, we
encourage you keep trying to get a record deal and pushing your music as hard as
you can, and, if you are lucky enough to secure a recording contract, please let us
know ASAP.
Can I still sell my CDs other places?
Definitely. You can sell your CD anywhere you want. In no way are we looking for
exclusive rights to sell your CD. You, as the artist, have complete control and we
are happy to sell your CD as long as you want us to.
I made a recording at home, can I sell it?
Yes you can. Your CD does not have to be a professionally pressed CD and have
professional artwork for us to sell it. Although, the more neatly presented your CD is,
the better your chance of getting a favourable response from your fans, which
translates to more sales. Having said that, if your music is great, then it probably
doesn’t matter what the CD cover looks like!
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes you can. Just let us know in writing, email us or give us a phone call and we
will withdraw your CD from indieCDzone and our online store. You have all the 
control. Again, we are not looking for exclusive rights to selling your CD.
What is the handy info sheet?
It’s a one page sheet that is easy to follow, listing important information relating
to indieCDzone that you can print out and keep for future reference.
Where is Mustang Records located?
Our postal address is PO Box 2133, Bayswater, Victoria, 3153, Australia. 
Telephone: +61 3 9720 1213.




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