Preston Records was founded in 1981 by Graeme Thomas, then bass guitarist with
local band, The Rockabilly Rebels. Graeme saw the need to record many of the local
rockabilly bands and release those recordings on his own label which he named 
Preston Records after the Melbourne suburb in which he lived. All the early recordings 
we were done on a TEAC A-6100 reel to reel tape deck which was later superseded
by an Ampex 350 single track reel to reel tape machine which is still used to this day.
This type of unit was similar to that used in many of the great studios in the 50s
including Sam Philips' Sun studio and Cosimo Matassa's J & M studio in New Orleans
and gives an authentic 50s feel to the recordings made at the Preston Records studios.
To date, Preston have issued over 100 releases on their label and continues to be
the leader in recording authentic sounding 50s rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and hillbilly

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