BACK IN THE 50s when rock 'n' roll exploded around the world, a bunch of youngsters formed a band to play this new music. The THUNDERBIRDS were one of the first and became the biggest of the early Australian bands, with fans all over the country, due to their hit records, television appearances and shows at the largest venues in the land, playing their instrumentals and accompanying all the major stars from Johnny O'Keefe to Roy Orbison. Reuniting in 1996 for a "one-off show" before an enthusiastic audience of 2000, they decided to keep going and today are playing better than ever. To attend a THUNDERBIRDS SHOW is to experience a glimpse of a world in which Rock was young, performed by the genuine, original artists in an authentic style so hard to capture by those who were not actually there.

This year The Thunderbirds are celebrating 50 years playing rock 'n' roll with the same line-up as when they first started with the exception of Henri Bource, the groups saxophone player, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago and are still playing to packed houses and are very much in demand. They are true remnants of a great by-gone era still playing their music just as they did way back in the 50s.

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