Freight charges are based on weight and Australia Post charges. Each product in our catalogue has been weighed. As you add each item to your shopping cart, the weight of the item will also be transferred to the shopping cart and totalled at the end of your purchase. You simply select your location and the shipping charges appropriate to your location will be automatically calculated and added to your order. Please note that all our catalogue prices and freight charges include Australian Federal Government Goods and Services Tax. (This tax not applicable to overseas purchases of catalogue items or International freight charges).

Recent changes to Australia Post policy now means that we can now mail one or two CDs as large letters rather than as a parcel. This will be of great benefit to customers who wish to purchase just one or two CDs as postage rates for large letters is considerably lower than for parcels. Unfortunately, once the order reaches three CDs or more these can only be sent charging parcel rates.

All freight charges are in Australian dollars. Please note: All orders from within Australia will be sent ordinary mail via Australia Post. All international orders will be sent air mail via Australia Post.

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